Trump’s First Posts Of The Year Are EPIC

In his first online posts of 2023, Donald Trump criticized various topics, such as NATO, the southern border, and Facebook. His platform, Truth Social, was filled with his criticisms.

Trump noted that the southern border had been the safest in the U.S. two years ago. However, he noted that the country was being poisoned by drugs and criminals.

In another post, Trump criticized NATO. He noted that he had ordered member nations to pay up their portion of the organization's budget, which was almost the entire amount the U.S. was footing. Upon his order, several nations quickly paid hundreds of billions of dollars.

In yet another post, Trump criticized Facebook. He noted that the platform had lost over $80 billion due to what he referred to as the "deplatforming" of him. He also called it a "major business mistake."


Written by Staff Reports

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