As Bidenflation Bites, Should Americans Really Turn to Eating Cicadas?

The upcoming invasion of cicadas may have some Americans considering adding the creepy crawlies to their dinner menu. While some people claim that cicadas are a sustainable source of protein and can be quite tasty when prepared correctly, there are some things to consider before hopping on the bug-eating bandwagon.

Sure, cicadas have been enjoyed in various cuisines throughout history, but that doesn’t mean everyone should be eager to chow down on these buzzing insects. In a time when inflation is hitting hard and food prices are on the rise thanks to Bidenflation, perhaps it’s worth considering other more traditional sources of protein before resorting to eating bugs.

Some adventurous foodies may be tempted to try out cicada recipes featured in cookbooks or online forums, but let’s not forget that there are plenty of other protein options available that don’t involve munching on insects. From poultry to cattle, there are plenty of choices that don’t involve the crunch of a cicada exoskeleton.

Instead of frying up a batch of cicadas for dinner, why not consider using them as fertilizer for plants or as feed for livestock? There are more practical ways to make use of these buzzing bugs without having to resort to turning them into a main course. Plus, leaving them alone can also attract wildlife to your surroundings, providing a unique opportunity to observe nature in action.

While individuals have the freedom to choose what they eat, the idea of embracing cicadas as a culinary delight may not sit well with everyone. In a country founded on principles of liberty and choice, it’s important to remember that just because something is edible doesn’t mean everyone will want to eat it. So, before hopping on the cicada-eating trend, perhaps it’s worth exploring other options that don’t involve adding insects to the menu.

Written by Staff Reports

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