Atlanta Construction Site Burned by Radical Communist Gang

The radical leftist group Forest Defender has carried out another attack in Atlanta.

The group had reportedly promised a week of action, and many people from outside the area showed up.

After holding a rally, the group marched to the construction site of a police training center they are trying to stop, which they refer to as "Cop City." According to reports, the group attacked the police with sticks and rocks. They also set ablaze various construction equipment.

The police responded to the situation and prevented the rioters from attacking the site. Some of the individuals who were at the rally tried to run away, but it didn't work out for them.

Since June 2021, the group has been protesting against the construction of the training center. In December, they had 19 members arrested, and one of them, Manuel Teran, was killed after he allegedly shot and wounded a police officer.

The group then carried out a riot against the police in response to the death of their member. It involved attacking the police headquarters and burning a police car.

Due to the nature of the situation, the police in Georgia did not consider the actions of the group to be peaceful. They noted that the individuals who were involved in the riot could face various charges, including domestic terrorism. The authorities also need to look into the funding sources of the group.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on RedState

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