Axelrod Tells The Truth: Biden’s Re-election Is the Titanic Sinking Fast

David Axelrod, the supposed mastermind behind Obama’s campaigns, found himself nodding in agreement as a conservative CNN colleague likened Biden’s re-election campaign to the Titanic. If Axelrod’s nod was any indication, it seems even the Democratic elite are starting to see the iceberg dead ahead. One can almost hear the orchestra playing “Nearer, My God, to Thee” in the background.

While some might argue Biden’s ship was seaworthy at the start, it’s been evident to many conservatives that he’s been navigating through a sea of blunders, gaffes, and low approval ratings. The imagery couldn’t be more fitting: a lumbering vessel, drenched in hubris, plowing forward despite glaring warning signs. The whole thing reeks of a disaster waiting to happen, and it seems Axelrod might just be coming around to that line of thinking.

Axelrod’s silent affirmation was more than just a nod; it was a signal that even the so-called brain trusts of the Democratic Party smell smoke. When a ship’s architect acknowledges the approaching disaster, it’s a clear indication that the ship is poorly designed. It leads the public to question, who would want to be a passenger on this ill-fated voyage?

CNN, the network that has been known to carry water for Democrats, might have experienced a rare moment of clarity. It’s almost humorous to imagine the backroom chatter among Democrats as they scramble for lifeboats. Pass the popcorn, because watching them try to dress Biden’s floundering campaign in success is the best comedy show streaming these days.

In the end, the Titanic metaphor is undeniably perfect. While some may hold out hope that Biden’s attempt at re-election will steer clear of disaster, it’s looking more and more like this doomed ship’s fate was sealed long ago. Axelrod’s nod, paired with the comparison, might just be the unsinkable truth Democrats don’t want to face.

Written by Staff Reports

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