Baby Box’ Legislation in Kentucky Saves a Newborn

The first infant in Kentucky was anonymously dropped off at a safe surrender location.

Monica Kelsey, the founder and CEO of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, said that the child was dropped off at the fire department in Bowling Green within the last seven days. She declined to provide further details about the incident. Fire department personnel were able to quickly tend to the child.

The child, who is the 24th infant in the nation to be surrendered at one of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, is from Kentucky.

According to Kelsey, the child, who is reportedly in a perfect condition, is being looked after by officials and is expected to be placed in a permanent home soon.

In 2021, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear signed a bill that allowed the use of baby boxes for infants less than 30 days old. It requires the boxes to be placed at police stations, hospitals, and fire stations, and they must have a notification system that informs first responders about the location of the child.

The state now has 16 baby boxes, and the one in Bowling Green was operational for only a couple of months. These are placed on the outside wall of a hospital or fire station. An interior door can be used by a medical staff member to secure the child inside the box.

Kelsey said that the child was placed inside the box by an anonymous parent. She noted that this shows the level of care that the parents have for their child.

State Representative Nancy Tate, who introduced the legislation, stated that she wanted to see the boxes placed in every county in the state.

Tate said that she was greatly affected by the support that the project has received.

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