Bedingead Calls for Calm as Dems Debate Dropping Biden for 2024

Well, folks, it looks like the Democrats are in a bit of a pickle. Kate Bedingfield, the former Biden White House communications director, wants her party to stop panicking about Sleepy Joe’s reelection bid. She insists they should stick with him as their knight in tarnished armor for 2024, despite his lackluster performance in the recent debate against former President Donald Trump.

The chatter about booting Biden in favor of someone who hasn’t missed a step escalated after that tiresome debate. The president’s showing was so underwhelming that even his own camp is considering alternatives. But Bedingfield, ever the loyalist, is urging her fellow Democrats to take a chill pill. Her reasoning? The post-debate polls weren’t quite as catastrophic as some Chicken Littles predicted—just a tad worrying.

Of course, she’s not pretending the current landscape is a rosy garden. Even she admitted that Biden’s numbers in crucial swing states are nothing to write home about, yet she claims the sky hasn’t fallen—yet. According to her, the focus should be on this “minor victory” rather than hitting the eject button. Bedingfield conveniently sidesteps the fact that those small leads aren’t exactly the foundation of a winning strategy.

Bedingfield also warned her party that replacing Biden isn’t some kind of magic wand. Swapping him out would involve complicated procedures and the new candidate would face an onslaught of scrutiny and attacks—not exactly a walk in the park. She urged the Biden campaign to pivot hard and put Trump back in the crosshairs, though that’s laughable considering Biden has barely mustered the energy to show up at events.

CNN had a field day criticizing Biden’s debate flop. According to them, he failed to convince voters that he has enough gas left in the tank for another four years in the Oval Office. And now, Democratic governors like Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, and Wes Moore are being floated as potential replacements while the party scrambles for a Plan B.

The Biden clan isn’t backing down, though. First lady Jill Biden declared that they’re ready to fight on, whatever that means these days. They insist that Joe will always do what’s best for the country. Translation: “We’re sticking with Joe, for better or worse.” Let’s see how that works out for them, shall we?

Written by Staff Reports

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