Biden Camp’s List of Laughable Debate Excuses Grows as Americans Scratch Their Heads

The aftermath of the first presidential debate has been nothing short of chaotic. The Democratic Party is scrambling, the mainstream media’s bias is laid bare for all to see, and Donald Trump surprisingly took a backseat, allowing the spectacle to unfold without interjecting much.

And the Biden camp is in full damage control mode, desperately trying to explain away the debacle that was Joe Biden’s debate performance. Each day brings a new excuse, each more absurd than the last, as they flail about trying to find a narrative that sticks.

One excuse offered was that Biden had a cold during the debate, despite no prior mention of illness. Another attempt blamed poor debate preparation, even though Biden has decades of political experience under his belt. And then there was the claim that Biden was overloaded with too much information, causing a “brain logjam” on stage.

The media also tried to downplay the debacle, suggesting that their coverage of Biden’s performance was exaggerated. Some even went so far as to blame the debate moderators for not reining in Trump, completely ignoring Biden’s own shortcomings in countering false claims.

The Biden team also complained about the debate setting and camerawork, with claims that the stage design and camera angles were unfavorable to Biden. They even pointed fingers at the makeup artist, suggesting that poor makeup contributed to Biden’s struggles on stage.

And most recently, the jet lag excuse has been floated, with Biden citing exhaustion from a previous international trip. However, this excuse falls flat as he had plenty of time to rest and prepare leading up to the debate.

It’s clear that none of these excuses hold water, as they fail to address the underlying issues with Biden’s performance. Instead of looking in the mirror and addressing the real problem, the Biden camp continues to grasp at straws in a desperate attempt to save face.

Written by Staff Reports

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