Bernie Stumped! Watch as He Struggles to Explain Equity vs Equality

During a recent episode of Bill Maher’s Real Time show, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) appeared flustered and uncertain when asked a straightforward question about the distinctions between equity and equality. Despite eventually concluding that equality was the answer, Sanders’ website appears to contradict this, as it states that his campaign is dedicated to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion in all aspects of their work, including hiring and programming.

Sanders’ actions seem contradictory as he portrays himself as someone who is against the capitalist system, yet he is selling tickets to his book tour on Ticketmaster for close to $100. This behavior raises questions about his credibility and suggests that he may be exploiting the same system that he claims to oppose.

It is evident that Sanders lacks a genuine commitment to advancing equality. Rather, he appears to be a politician who tailors his rhetoric to suit his electoral prospects. He lacks concrete convictions or principles and can switch his position on any matter to secure additional backing. Such a leadership style is not desirable for the United States. The nation requires an honest and steadfast leader with consistent values and beliefs.

Sanders’ incapacity to respond to a straightforward inquiry on a nationally broadcasted program suggests that he is unsuitable for the presidency. He lacks the expertise and intelligence required to be an efficient president and appears to be inadequately informed about critical matters. His failure to comprehend fundamental concepts such as equity and equality should serve as a cautionary sign to all Americans that Sanders may not be the most appropriate candidate for the position.

It is clear that Bernie Sanders is not the leader America needs. He is a hypocrite who will say whatever he needs to in order to get elected, and he does not have the intelligence or knowledge needed to be an effective president. His lack of understanding of basic concepts like equity and equality should serve as a warning sign to all Americans that Sanders is not the right person for the job.

Written by Staff Reports

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