Biden Abandons Stranded Americans in Israel Crisis

President Joe Biden’s response to the crisis in Israel has been nothing short of a disappointment. Despite the massive cancelation of flights by various airlines due to the outbreak of terror attacks, Biden has left Americans to fend for themselves when it comes to booking their own travel out of the country. It’s like being stranded on a sinking ship and the captain saying, “Good luck, figure it out on your own!”

In his statement, Biden mentioned that the State Department would provide consular assistance and security alerts to American citizens in Israel. But where is the real support? Americans are stuck in the middle of a barrage of missile attacks with no clear way out. It’s outrageous that the leader of our country isn’t taking decisive action to ensure the safety of our citizens.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has rightly condemned these Hamas attacks and expressed support for Israel’s right to defend itself. He also raised an important point about American taxpayer dollars potentially funding these attacks, which raises serious concerns about the Biden administration’s foreign policy decisions.

To make matters worse, news has emerged that 11 Americans have already been killed in Israel, with more deaths expected and reports of American hostages being taken by Hamas. This is a dire situation that demands immediate and robust action from the Biden administration. Lives are at stake, and yet it seems like Biden is more concerned with following the guidance of local authorities instead of taking decisive action.

The Hamas attacks in Israel have resulted in over 800 confirmed deaths and thousands of injuries. It’s a horrifying situation that requires a strong and resolute response from the United States. Unfortunately, the Biden administration’s lackluster approach only underscores their weakness and inability to protect Americans abroad.

Once again, we see a pattern of the Biden administration failing to provide the necessary support to Americans in need. It’s a clear example of their lack of leadership and their inability to prioritize the safety of American citizens. While Israel will take the necessary steps to stop these attacks, America, under Biden’s leadership, remains complacent and inactive. It’s time for a leader who will put America first and take decisive action to protect our citizens around the world.

Written by Staff Reports

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