Biden Admin Bungles Hamas Response: Victim-Blaming Israel?

The U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs finds itself in a contentious situation. They posted a message on social media attempting to condemn the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel. However, what raised eyebrows was their audacious call for Israel to "exercise restraint." It's almost as if they were advising the victims to passively endure the attacks, which many find to be a misplacement of priorities.

You might be wondering about the origin of this Office of Palestinian Affairs. Well, it was established by none other than President Biden himself, the same individual who had trouble recalling the name of his Defense Secretary. Needless to say, their message advocating pacifism didn't sit well with the American public, leading to widespread outrage, and rightfully so.

Fortunately, sanity prevailed, and the post was swiftly removed. Nonetheless, it's essential not to forget that it was ever posted in the first place. This incident highlights a lack of leadership and clarity within the Biden administration. The question arises: who authorized that message? Additionally, the State Department had the audacity to claim it "does not reflect U.S. policy." If it doesn't, then why was it posted in the first place? These are the inquiries that deserve answers.

Meanwhile, while the Biden administration stumbled over their words, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wasted no time. He declared that Israel is "at war" with these terrorists, a stance that many view as entirely justified. It's time to stop treading lightly and commence taking decisive action against these criminals.

Netanyahu pledged that the enemy would face an "unprecedented cost" for their attack, and he means business. He vowed to respond with force that the enemy had never witnessed before. This is the kind of resolute leadership that the situation demands.

To be clear, Hamas terrorists launched an attack on Israel, and the Office of Palestinian Affairs attempted to assume a peacemaking role. However, it should be unmistakable – Israel has every right to defend itself. It's time for the Biden administration to stand with our ally and demonstrate some backbone. Terror and violence must be met with unwavering strength and determination. It's about time that someone in Washington comprehended this reality.

Written by Staff Reports

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