Biden Team’s $6B Iran Move Proves Stupendous Naivety: NSC Spox Weighs In!

In a surprising turn of events, Hamas, with overt backing from Iran, has initiated an offensive against Israel, a deeply troubling development. It's bewildering that Iran would openly endorse such a reprehensible operation.

Many have drawn a connection between this aggression and the recent $6 billion payment by the U.S. to Iran in exchange for hostages, a decision that defies common sense as it incentivizes future hostage-taking. Furthermore, this substantial sum now rests in Iran's hands, granting them additional resources and leverage.

The Biden administration has attempted to downplay these concerns, with National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson asserting that the money isn't being used to support Hamas. However, other members of the Biden team have echoed this assertion, raising questions about whether it's a result of naivety or an attempt to mislead the American people.

It's crucial to recognize that money is interchangeable, making it possible for designated funds in Qatar, intended for humanitarian purposes such as food and medicine, to free up Iranian resources that could potentially be directed toward terrorism. The Biden team's stance appears either deeply misinformed or a calculated attempt to deceive the American public.

Furthermore, by allowing these funds to flow into the hands of the Iranian regime, the Biden administration indirectly bolsters their hold on power. This not only furthers Iran's domestic objectives but also emboldens them to engage in acts of terrorism against nations like Israel. It is genuinely concerning to witness the Biden team persist in their ill-advised approach of appeasement toward Iran, despite their hostile rhetoric and harmful actions.

Let's not forget that the Obama-Biden administration made a similar mistake by providing millions of dollars to the Iranian leadership. The question remains: where did that money ultimately go? It's evident that history is repeating itself, and the current administration seems to be falling into Iran's familiar trap.

It's time to put an end to this troubling pattern. We should not be funding terrorism, especially when we acknowledge the fungibility of money and its potential to fuel destructive activities. While the Iranians and Hamas plotted their attack on Israel for months, the Biden administration unfortunately signaled their willingness to offer financial support for basic necessities, inadvertently freeing up other funds for Iran to carry out acts of terror. This is a regrettable display of incompetence and susceptibility on the part of the Biden team.

Written by Staff Reports

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