Biden Admin Scrambles as Press Secretary’s Answers Dodge Key Questions

After President Joe Biden floundered at last Thursday’s debate, any remaining semblance of coherence at the White House has taken a nosedive. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre continues to offer less substance and more excuses, especially concerning Biden’s cognitive capabilities. Over recent briefings, Jean-Pierre’s gaslighting has reached new heights, making it clearer to everyone that Biden is not exactly firing on all cylinders. This skillful dodging was put on full display on the Tuesday and Wednesday briefings.

During Wednesday’s circus—uh, briefing—Jean-Pierre was handed a softball question by a reporter about whether Biden respects the authority of the Supreme Court. The simple, straightforward query should have prompted a quick “yes” or “no,” but instead, Jean-Pierre meandered her way through a monologue about January 6. This was apparently supposed to pass for an answer.

Instead, Jean-Pierre took the scenic route, rambling about Biden’s powerful feelings on January 6 and the significance of his unscheduled return to Washington. She expressed that the president felt compelled to speak directly to Americans—a claim that lost its punch when one recalls that his address amounted to barely four minutes of pre-scripted remarks. The secretary then took a sidestep into summarizing Biden’s usual tirade against the Supreme Court, particularly on decisions that don’t align with his progressive agenda.

Dramatically, Jean-Pierre stressed the supposed “dangerous precedents” set by the Court and ominously warned about threats to democracy. She doubled down on Biden’s condemnation of the Court’s actions, especially those affecting liberal sacred cows like abortion rights. To the administration, respecting the judiciary means attacking its rulings when they aren’t favorable. It’s rich for Jean-Pierre to suggest that the justices are the ones posing any threat when Biden regularly challenges the Court’s authority.

Amusingly, even after the reporter pressed her with the original, unanswered question, Jean-Pierre finally muttered that Biden does respect the Court’s authority—albeit after an unnecessary amount of bluster. But this strained admission does not erase Biden’s apparent disregard for the judiciary, especially given his venomous take on the Trump v. United States case and his incessant rants on abortion and student loans.

Interestingly, Biden and Jean-Pierre’s mentions of January 6 reveal a consistent strategy: deflect and distract. Blaming former President Donald Trump and sidestepping questions have become their go-to moves. This transparent tactic has even led Nancy Pelosi to assert responsibility for lack of preparedness that day—something neither Biden nor his mouthpiece seems eager to acknowledge.

The final verdict? Despite Jean-Pierre’s eventual, reluctant “yes,” the evidence suggests Biden has scant respect for the Supreme Court’s authority. His distorted interpretations and blatant defiance of the Court’s decisions point toward a troubling pattern. So, while Jean-Pierre scrambles with her scripted defenses, the playbook seems clear: deflect, distract, and dodge—honesty be damned.

Written by Staff Reports

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