Trump Calls Biden Broken Down as Dems Flounder and Media Fumes

Well, there goes the mainstream media, clutching their pearls over Trump again. The latest gossip-rag hysteria revolves around a video where former President Donald Trump unceremoniously dubbed President Joe Biden “a broken down pile of crap.” Nothing new here, folks—Trump’s never been one to mince words, especially when sizing up his political adversaries.

The footage reveals Trump on a golf cart, flanked by his son Barron and a wad of cash. Evidently, the former president’s latest blunt assessment of Biden’s capabilities is proving too much for the thin-skinned liberals at the Daily Beast. But, as usual, Trump was simply calling it as he saw it – a candid reflection on the disastrous performance and faltering stamina of the current occupant of the White House.

In the clip, Trump pondered on how anyone could take Biden seriously when facing global figures like Putin and Xi Jinping. Thanks to Biden’s weak leadership, America finds itself staring down the barrel of international embarrassment. If Trump’s language seems harsh, maybe it’s because the country’s slipping stature warrants a wake-up call, not another warm and fuzzy soundbite.

Democrats are now tripping over themselves, trying to disavow Biden’s leadership or lack thereof. Trump’s campaign managers nailed it, highlighting that every Democrat was singing Biden’s praises not long ago. Suddenly, now that his presidency has wrought nothing but inflation, border chaos, and an emboldened foreign adversary list, even his loyal supporters are ready to throw in the towel. Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.

Trump’s remarks about Kamala Harris, while equally blunt, should force every American to swallow a hard pill of reality. Imagine a Harris presidency turning our already diminishing security into a full-blown disaster. The “Cackling Copilot,” as Trump’s team accurately nicknames her, hardly inspires confidence. The Democrats are clearly nervous, and resorting to personal attacks on Trump only underscores how shaky their position is.

Meanwhile, Biden’s camp continues to cling to the fantasy that he’s a shoo-in for a second term, denying any intentions of stepping down after his debate debacle. One has to wonder if they’re watching the same train wreck as the rest of America. Each denial of electoral dropout only amplifies the growing whispers and outright calls from within his own party for him to exit stage left.

Ultimately, Biden’s team is left wagging its finger at Trump, calling him out for everything under the sun. However, it’s glaringly evident to most Americans that an old, broken-down pile of crap isn’t just a colorful phrase; it’s an all-too-real metaphor for the state of the current administration. The 2024 election can’t come soon enough.

Written by Staff Reports

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