Biden Admin to Fund Healthcare for 100,000 Illegal Immigrants

The Biden Administration has made changes to allow around 100,000 illegal immigrants to get taxpayer-funded health care. This means that individuals under the DACA program, which started in 2012 under President Obama, can now apply for health coverage under Obamacare. This move is part of President Biden’s goal to make health care a right for everyone.

Conservative viewpoints may find issue with this decision, as it rewards individuals who entered the country unlawfully. Providing taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants may be seen as unfair to those who follow the legal path to citizenship. Critics argue that it could encourage more people to enter the country illegally in search of similar benefits.

President Biden and Vice President Harris believe in strengthening the Affordable Care Act to ensure every American has access to health insurance. However, conservatives may argue that extending benefits to DACA recipients could strain the healthcare system and increase costs for taxpayers.

In addition to changes in healthcare coverage for DACA recipients, the Biden Administration has also shown interest in resettling Palestinian refugees in the country. Some conservatives may view this as a concerning move, as it could potentially lead to an influx of immigrants receiving housing and pathways to citizenship at the expense of taxpayers.

Overall, these decisions by the Biden Administration may spark debate among conservatives regarding immigration policies and the allocation of taxpayer-funded resources to non-citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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