Biden Administration Accused of Siding with Anti-Israel Group DAWN

The recent actions of the Biden administration have once again demonstrated their lack of support for our strong ally, Israel. Despite claiming to stand by Israel, the Biden administration has been caught coordinating with an anti-Israel group known as Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN). This group has been actively working to isolate Jewish Israelis living in the West Bank, despite Israel being the only democratic nation in the region where citizens have the right to choose their government through free elections.

It is concerning to see senior officials from the State and Defense Departments engaging with a group that is openly critical of Israel and has been pushing the Biden administration to cut off military aid to Israel. Democracy for the Arab World Now’s efforts to influence US policies in the Middle East are deeply misguided, especially considering Israel’s commitment to democracy and civil rights for all its citizens, including Arab Muslims who have full rights to vote and participate in the government.

The emails revealing the coordination between the Biden administration and DAWN highlight a dangerous trend of prioritizing anti-Israel sentiment over supporting our ally. The group’s calls for sanctions on Israeli military units and their list of Israelis to punish for alleged human rights violations are unjust and undermine the strong relationship between the US and Israel. It is unacceptable for outside groups with questionable agendas to wield such influence over US foreign policy decisions.

The Biden administration must reconsider its alignment with groups like DAWN and instead focus on strengthening ties with democratic allies like Israel. The efforts to isolate Jewish Israelis living in the West Bank are not only misguided but also harmful to the pursuit of peace and stability in the region. It is time for the administration to stand firm in support of Israel and reject any attempts to undermine our ally’s legitimacy and security.

Written by Staff Reports

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