Biden Administration Expands TPS Umbrella to 300000 Haitians Defying National Security Concerns

The Biden administration strikes again, doubling down on its open-border policies by bestowing Temporary Protected Status (TPS) on over 300,000 illegal immigrants from Haiti. This new bonanza for lawbreakers applies to those who arrived in the United States by June 3, 2024, effectively giving them a golden ticket to dodge deportation.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the same mastermind behind the border crisis, claimed that this move is a fulfillment of America’s “humanitarian obligations.” One must wonder if this obligation conveniently ignores the promise to secure the nation’s borders. According to Mayorkas, the conditions in Haiti are so dire that the only “solution” is to bring their problems stateside. Apparently, the catastrophic issues—violence, lack of basic necessities, and natural disasters—must be solved by moving the entire population to the US.

Haiti’s TPS designation was initially set to expire on August 4, but Mayorkas extended it to February 3, 2026. This reset means the administration just gave itself two more years to mishandle the issue, all while bypassing Congress and the American voters. It’s yet another example of the administration’s wilful disregard for laws designed to protect American citizens.

The timing couldn’t be more poignant. Just last month, U.S. Border Patrol intercepted over 100 Haitian illegal immigrants attempting to land in Florida. Despite these glaring breaches of national security, the administration still thinks it’s a brilliant idea to extend stay permits to hundreds of thousands more. Florida is now becoming a revolving door for illegal immigrants, with taxpayer dollars footing the bill for local EMS and other emergency services every time another group arrives.

It’s not just Haitians either. Boatloads of illegal immigrants from the Bahamas and Cuba are making their way to the U.S., with the Coast Guard having intercepted 305 people in just one weekend. Apparently, deterring illegal entry isn’t a priority when the administration is busy putting out the welcome mat.

In each instance, officials have reiterated the dangers of illegal maritime migration, yet the administration’s policies only encourage more attempts. It’s clear that maintaining an orderly immigration process has fallen to the bottom of the priority list as the Biden administration continues to undermine America’s sovereignty under the guise of humanitarian aid. Welcome to the new America, where borders are merely suggestions and citizenship is just a formality.

Written by Staff Reports

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