Biden Administration to Close Largest Migrant Detention Facility in South Texas

President Joe Biden’s leniency on border security and immigration laws has reached a new low as the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency announced the impending closure of the nation’s largest migrant detention facility in South Texas. ICE, in a bizarre move, cited “fiscal responsibility” as the main reason for shutting down the facility, claiming that despite losing 2,400 beds, they would somehow magically add 1,600 beds in other locations.

This decision, spun as ICE’s effort to optimize resources, actually means an alleged increase in repatriation flights and a reshuffling of funding to allegedly boost migrant detention beds by closing down the costly South Texas Family Residential Center. The closure, according to ICE, will free up funds to increase overall bed capacity by 1,600 beds and supposedly better support operational needs. The move has left many questioning the administration’s true intentions, with former ICE officials suggesting it’s a deliberate act of amnesty through negligence.


Illegal migrants released into the U.S. interior due to lack of detention space continue to be a significant concern. Recent reports show over 7.4 million non-detained migrants are currently within the country, a number expected to surpass 8 million by the end of the fiscal year. This massive increase, nearly doubling since Biden took office, highlights the strain on ICE agents who are tasked with tracking, detaining, and deporting these individuals. With only around 6,000 agents handling this workload, the situation appears dire.

The Dilley, Texas, facility, privately run by CoreCivic, stands as a stark example of the administration’s approach. Initially opened to house families under the Obama administration, it now accommodates single adult migrants under Biden’s policies. Despite having a capacity of 2,400 beds, the average daily detainee count hovers around 1,784, showcasing the strain on detention resources nationwide. The closure of this facility raises serious questions about the effectiveness of the current administration’s immigration strategy and its impact on border security.

Written by Staff Reports

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