Swing State Voters Favor Trump Over Biden on Democracy Threats

Swing state voters are seeing through the Biden administration’s fearmongering and instead turning to the man who has already proven he can take on threats to democracy: former President Donald Trump. A survey released Thursday indicates that the cornerstone of Biden’s campaign—painting Trump as a democracy-destroyer—is falling flat with American voters.

In the six battleground states that Biden narrowly won in 2020, a solid 44% of voters believe Trump is better suited to handle threats to democracy, compared to a mere 33% who trust Biden. This poll, conducted by The Washington Post and the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University, is a stark reminder that Biden’s apocalyptic rhetoric isn’t cutting it.

Moreover, the poll also highlights that 16% of swing state voters think neither Biden nor Trump has what it takes to address threats to democracy, while 7% think both are equally prepared. Among “deciders” – those pivotal voters who could swing either way – Trump leads significantly. Almost 40% of these crucial voters trust Trump will do a better job in safeguarding democracy, while only 29% have faith in Biden.

It’s a stunning blow to Biden, who has been hanging his hat on the notion that Trump’s claims of election fraud and the subsequent Jan. 6 events are the ultimate threat to the nation’s democratic fabric. Tellingly, even at a recent fundraiser, Biden couldn’t stop mentioning Trump, rattling off his name 17 times and bringing up “democracy” and “freedom” a few more times. The economy and inflation? Barely got a mention.

Trump, meanwhile, has been flipping the script, accusing Biden of weaponizing the Justice Department against him in an undemocratic assault on his political rival. This comes as Trump fights various legal battles, including his conviction in New York for falsifying business records and investigations in federal and state cases.

Voters see through the smoke, recognizing that Biden’s fear tactics aren’t the answer to preserving democracy. Instead, they are looking back to Trump, a leader who they believe can truly tackle the threats to the American way of life.

Written by Staff Reports

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