Biden Avoids NH Ballot as Dems Wreck Primary Chaos: A Tale of Surrender & Defiance

For almost a year now, the Democrats have been in complete disarray over President Joe Biden and the DNC’s attempt to change the primary schedule. They want to strip Iowa of its first nominating contest status and hand it over to South Carolina, all in the name of so-called “diversity.” It’s like they’re playing a game of musical chairs, except instead of music, it’s political pandering.

But here’s the thing, folks. New Hampshire isn’t having any of it. They have been on the front lines, fighting tooth and nail against the DNC’s efforts to undermine their first-in-the-nation primary state status. And boy, did they make it official. Secretary of State David Scanlan even signed a notice to voters, letting them know that the primary will be held on January 23. Take that, DNC!

Now, here’s where it gets spicy. Joe Biden, our esteemed president, won’t even appear on the ballot in New Hampshire. That’s right, his campaign announced last month that they’re not even trying. But don’t you worry, because his diehard supporters are launching a write-in campaign. It’s almost like they’re living in a fantasy world where they think people actually want him as president.

And let’s not forget about Iowa. While New Hampshire may be standing strong, Iowa has shamelessly surrendered. The Iowa Democrats have caved and pushed their caucus all the way to March 5th, making it practically irrelevant. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, let’s make sure no one pays attention to us during the primary season. Brilliant!”

But fear not, my fellow conservatives. Iowa Republicans are still holding strong. They will continue to have the first nominating contest in the country, with their caucus scheduled for January 15th. We’re not backing down, folks. We know the importance of having a strong and influential voice in the primary process.

So, while the Democrats scramble and try to change the rules to fit their agenda, we conservatives will always fight to protect the integrity of the primary system. New Hampshire and Iowa may be under attack, but we won’t be silenced. Let the games begin!

Written by Staff Reports

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