Biden Blunders: Sends Aid to Gaza, Ignites Hamas, Now Covers It Up!

White House aides spent their weekend grappling with concerns and turmoil, expressing frustration over the allegations of "misinformation" circulated by critics of the Biden administration's decision to release $6 billion to Iran. Iran serves as the financial and strategic backbone for groups like Hamas and other anti-Israel terrorist organizations. These aides also worked tirelessly to counter any claims that the "aid" money sent to Gaza by Biden inadvertently bolstered Hamas terrorists.

The Biden administration is under scrutiny for its actions, with critics, notably Republicans, accusing it of inadvertently funding Hamas by reversing a Trump-era aid ban to Palestinians, including Gaza. Despite strong denials from administration officials that funds sent to Gaza's civilians would aid Hamas, internal documents reveal that they were fully aware of the "high risk" involved. In August, the Biden administration even pushed ahead with distributing hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to Hamas-controlled areas, despite internal assessments warning that this would strengthen the Iran-backed terrorist group.

In private communications, the State Department had concerns about potential indirect benefits to Hamas from U.S. aid to Gaza. They sought Treasury Department authorization to bypass laws against funding Palestinian terror-controlled territories. This was necessary to release $360 million to the Palestinian Authority, previously cut off due to terrorism support during the Trump era. Despite recognizing the "high risk," the State Department prioritized foreign policy goals over security concerns, highlighting a skewed sense of national priorities.

Despite knowing the risks, the Biden administration proceeded with sending taxpayer-funded aid to Gaza under Hamas control. Tragically, this decision was followed by Hamas carrying out the deadliest attack on Jewish people since the Holocaust. This cannot be dismissed as a mere coincidence. The administration's actions have endangered lives and strengthened terrorist groups, illustrating the peril of prioritizing appeasement over national security. It's time for the Biden administration to own up to its reckless choices and prioritize American interests.

Written by Staff Reports

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