Biden on Thin Ice: Top Speaker Candidate Jordan Unflinching on Key Issue!

If Rep. Jim Jordan becomes the next speaker of the House, he will not back down on border security. He made it clear in an interview that no money should be used to process or release new migrants into the country, especially with the staggering number of 11,000 migrants crossing the border every day. Jordan is not playing games when it comes to this issue. He even threatened a 1% spending cut across the board to force the Biden administration to take action.

The race for speaker of the House is heating up, with Jordan and Majority Leader Steve Scalise going head to head. Both of them are vying for the position after Rep. Matt Gaetz led a motion to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his role. It was a close vote, with eight Republicans siding with House Democrats against McCarthy. Talk about a political showdown!

Border security has been a major concern for Republicans in Congress, and they nearly caused a government shutdown last month because they wanted it included in a funding bill. In the end, it was left out, but Republicans remain determined to pass legislation on this issue. If Jordan becomes speaker, you can bet he will lead the charge on addressing border security.

It’s worth noting that some hard-line conservatives cited inaction on the southern border as a reason for McCarthy’s removal. Rep. Matt Rosendale even said that our border is facing an “unprecedented invasion.” It’s clear that Republicans want someone who will challenge the status quo and put an end to the chaos happening at our southern border.

Overall, it’s refreshing to see a politician like Jordan who is unafraid to take a strong stance on border security. This issue is too important to ignore, and it’s time for our leaders to step up and protect our country.

Written by Staff Reports

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