Biden Bumbles Again: Who’s in Charge Here? Plus, EU’s Fear of Tucker!

Welcome to the latest episode of LARRY, where we’ve got all the juicy details on the latest political circus! First up, Joe Biden’s brain malfunctioning in real time during a press conference – you won’t want to miss this! The so-called leader of the free world struggled to string a coherent sentence together, leaving everyone wondering who’s really pulling the strings in the White House.

And speaking of leaders, the European Union has the audacity to threaten Tucker Carlson just for interviewing Putin. The nerve of those leftist elites! It’s like they can’t handle anyone who doesn’t toe the liberal line. But don’t worry, Tucker isn’t one to back down from a fight.

Next, House Republicans took a swing at impeaching Secretary Mayrkas, and surprise, surprise – it didn’t go their way. It’s just the latest example of the swamp creatures in the Biden administration getting away with their incompetence scot-free.

But not all the news is doom and gloom – we’ve got Ronna Romney McDaniel stepping up and making a swift exit from the Republican National Committee. It’s a bold move that’s sure to shake things up in the GOP.

Written by Staff Reports

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