Biden Campaign Ignites $50M Ad Frenzy to Counter Retirement Rumors

President Joe Biden’s campaign has flung itself into high gear to squash any chatter about him stepping aside for the 2024 election. The president is all in, they insist, with his unwavering mission to take on and defeat former President Donald Trump. How’s that for a sequel nobody asked for?

Conversations around potentially subbing Biden out post-2024 debate have surged like a pot boiling over. In a post-debate interview, Biden attempted to calm the panicked waters. When probed about how he’d handle a loss to Trump, Biden, in typical fashion, seemed to imply he’s bracing for impact as long as he’s given it the old college try.

The campaign’s deputy manager, Quentin Fulks, sung Biden’s praises on national TV, harkening back to the good old days of Charlottesville. This well-trodden Democrat narrative paints Biden as a savior on a white horse galloping in to save America from Trump. Never mind that this story about Trump has been debunked more times than Bigfoot sightings.

Fulks is out here cheerleading for Biden, claiming there’s this colossal wave of support for the president. Yet even the die-hard fans need their hands held and comforted through these tumultuous times. Meanwhile, Biden is expected to run on fumes of voter enthusiasm and support. If true, that’s a dead battery waiting for a jump.

The campaign’s latest escapade? A jaw-dropping $50 million ad blitz aiming to tap into viewers more diverse than a Benetton ad from the ’80s. From reality TV to sports, it’s all covered. Think you can avoid Biden by switching the channel? Guess again. He’ll be moonlighting between episodes of The Bachelorette and pole vaulting through the Paris Olympics.

On the flip side, Trump, the Republican titan and likely 2024 contender, cheekily advised Biden to ignore his critics and keep on with his “campaign of American Destruction.” Trump even jested that Biden’s new motto should be “MAKE CHINA GREAT AGAIN,” a snappy twist on his own iconic slogan.

Despite the party line, some Democrats are breaking ranks. Former Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan is among those subtly nudging Biden toward the exit ramp, foreseeing others doing the same after their Independence Day hiatus. Then there’s Hawaii’s Gov. Josh Green hinting that Biden’s fate in the race will solidify soon, albeit if he believes he can actually cross the finish line.

It seems Biden’s campaign may have more plot twists than a soap opera set at a bingo hall.

Written by Staff Reports

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