Democrat Desperation: Biden Says He’ll Only Quit 2024 Race if God Steps In

President Biden declared on Friday that he’s sticking to his 2024 campaign unless he gets a divine memo from upstairs. Democrats everywhere might start dusting off those old prayer books, hoping for some heavenly intervention. One could almost hear the sighs of liberal desperation as their current leader essentially dared God to change the plans.

It’s almost as if Democrats have finally realized what Republicans have known for years: Biden’s policies are in desperate need of a higher power’s intervention. Inflation through the roof, a border crisis that looks more like a comedy of errors, and a foreign policy that’s about as coherent as alphabet soup—this administration has more issues than a New York Times Sunday edition.

And let’s not even get started on his approval ratings. With numbers so low, one would think he’s trying to set a record for presidential unpopularity. It’s no wonder Democrats are starting to wonder if the Big Guy upstairs might need to step in. They might soon realize that there are only so many times you can bail water out of a sinking ship before it becomes a submarine, and Biden’s administration looks like it’s got some big leaks.

So, as we head toward 2024, the Democrats might be spending more time in church than on Capitol Hill, praying for a candidate who doesn’t need divine intervention to make it through a speech. Republicans, meanwhile, can sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show. Watching the left scramble for a plan B (or plan Z) is almost as entertaining as watching a Hollywood blockbuster—except this time, there’s no CGI to cover up the flaws.

In the end, Biden’s divine challenge highlights just how unsteady the Democratic ship really is. If they rely on divine intervention to replace their captain, it might be time for some serious soul-searching in the party.

Written by Staff Reports

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