Biden Campaign Rejects Drug Test Calls Sparked by Trump Amid Debate Prep Controversy

The Biden campaign has rejected calls for President Joe Biden to undergo a drug test before the upcoming debate, despite strong public support for both candidates to be tested. This comes after former President Trump suggested the idea, prompting his supporters to question Biden’s mental fitness, especially in light of viral videos showing moments of confusion from the president.

Biden’s campaign spokesman dismissed the drug test proposal as absurd, emphasizing her experience working on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and referencing past accusations against her. Biden is currently at Camp David with his advisers for debate preparation, amid growing concerns about his cognitive abilities.

The White House has pushed back against videos showing Biden in confusing situations, referring to them as “cheap fakes.” These instances include Biden appearing frozen at a fundraiser and wandering off during a public event in Europe, leading to questions about his health and ability to perform his presidential duties effectively.

Despite the public’s strong support for drug testing both candidates, the White House has not confirmed whether Biden will undergo such testing. Trump has even suggested that Biden may be using performance-enhancing drugs to prepare for the debate, speculating that he will be “jacked up” for the event.

As the debate approaches, a majority of Americans express interest in watching or following coverage of the event, indicating a high level of anticipation for the upcoming showdown between Biden and Trump. The issue of drug testing has become a focal point in the lead-up to the debate, with concerns about fairness and transparency in the candidates’ preparations for the highly anticipated event.

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