Biden Campaign Scrambles After Debate Disaster, Pushes Doom Narrative

The Biden campaign is in full damage control mode after the president’s dismal debate debacle. They sent out an email Sunday desperately trying to rally the base, accusing Democrats and the media of “bedwetting” over Biden’s atrocious performance. It’s almost comical watching them flail about to mitigate the fallout.

In a shameless plea for funds, deputy campaign manager Rob Flaherty assured party loyalists that President Biden will remain their presumptive nominee. He painted a picture of doom and gloom if they dare suggest otherwise, claiming it would be the best way for Donald Trump to waltz back into the White House.

Flaherty’s email was laced with laughable talking points intended to pacify Democrat supporters. He provided a list of seven things to tell their friends after the debate, alongside a call to action for donors to bolster Biden’s floundering campaign. Flaherty’s message was clear: Biden is here to stay, and any internal party strife would lead to a chaotic, contentious convention. 


Citing a poll from the left-leaning Data for Progress, Flaherty boasted that Biden and Kamala Harris still hold a 45% favorability rating among Democrats. Interestingly, the poll showed only marginal differences in favorability ratings for other prominent Democrats like Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Gavin Newsom, and Gretchen Whitmer. Seems like Biden isn’t as beloved as they want folks to believe.

Astute observer Nate Silver quickly dismantled Flaherty’s narrative, pointing out that other Democrats in the poll actually outperformed Biden, despite their lower name recognition. Silver’s critique underscored how flimsy the campaign’s justification really is.

In a candid moment of clarity, Flaherty admitted Biden’s debate performance was “rough,” but attempted to pivot by attacking former President Trump as a greater threat. The frantic spin from Biden’s team is becoming more transparent, and it’s clear they’re clutching at straws to avoid a full-scale implosion.

Written by Staff Reports

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