Biden Deflects Border Crisis Failures by Blaming Trump as Crime Surges Under Open Borders Policy

The Biden Administration is once again trying to deflect attention from their colossal failure at the southern border by claiming that President Donald Trump is merely using the crisis for political gain ahead of the 2024 presidential election. If sheer incompetence was an Olympic sport, Team Biden would be a gold medalist.

Since Biden took office in 2021, the number of crimes committed by illegal immigrants has gone through the roof. This surge is a direct result of his “open borders” policies, which seem more focused on gaining favor with left-wing activists than on protecting Americans. The Biden campaign, of course, is scrambling to spin the narrative in their favor, suggesting that Trump is twisting the facts for personal gain. Because, heaven forbid, they take responsibility for their own disastrous policies.

Biden’s team insists that crime committed by illegal aliens increased under Trump and decreased under Biden. Ahem, nice try. Recent U.S. Customs and Border Protection data show quite the opposite. In 2024 alone, over double the number of apprehensions occurred compared to 2019. Specifically, in Fiscal Year 2024, there were around 13,000 “criminal non-citizens” trying to sneak into the U.S. Compare that to just 4,269 in 2019 under Trump.

Looking at the data paints a clear picture: border apprehensions were significantly lower during Trump’s term. For those keeping score at home: 2017 saw 8,531 apprehensions, 2018 had 6,698, 2019 was at 4,269, and 2020 came in at a modest 2,438. It’s almost like Trump actually knew what he was doing at the border, while Biden is out to lunch.

Despite these glaring numbers, Biden’s Communications Director Michael Tyler lamely argues that Trump doesn’t care about border security or crime. If this is true, then how does one explain the staggering increase in illegal border crossings and associated crimes under Biden’s watch? Meanwhile, Biden is supposedly trying to bring people together and fix our problems, particularly with border security. The only thing Biden’s team seems to be bringing together is chaos.

Take the tragic cases of Rachel Morin and Jocelyn Nungaray. Both were gruesomely murdered by illegal aliens. Rachel Morin was killed by a 23-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador, while 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray was brutally murdered by two illegal immigrants released into the country by Biden’s Department of Homeland Security. These tragedies are a direct consequence of a broken border policy championed by Biden.

It’s time for the administration to quit the blame game and take accountability. Until then, the facts speak for themselves, and it’s clear that under Biden, America’s southern border has turned into a sieve.

Written by Staff Reports

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