Biden Threatens Veto on GOP Defense Bill Over Lack of DEI and LGBT-Inclusive Provisions

The Biden administration is on the warpath, threatening to veto a GOP defense bill because, in their twisted view, it’s not diverse and inclusive enough – whatever that means. H.R. 8774, also known as the “Department of Defense Appropriations Act,” has drawn the ire of Biden and his cronies for apparently not being progressive and LGBT-friendly to their liking.

This bill, crucial for funding military personnel expenses and research, has become a battleground for the left’s obsession with identity politics. The Democrats are up in arms over provisions that limit funds for DEI programs, healthcare for transgender service members, and even Pride Month celebrations. It’s as if they care more about throwing lavish parties for the LGBTQI+ community than ensuring our military is prepared and lethal on the battlefield.

The Biden administration’s focus on pushing DEI initiatives at the expense of military readiness is alarming. Former Space Commander Matt Lohmeier has pointed out the detrimental effects of DEI indoctrination on recruitment and military effectiveness. It’s no wonder that young people are turning away from military service when they see it being transformed into a politically correct circus.

Already drowning in taxpayer dollars, DEI projects have seen a significant increase in funding under Biden, with millions being funneled into pushing divisive ideologies within the military. Rather than prioritizing national security and combat readiness, the current administration seems hell-bent on turning our armed forces into a vessel for radical social agendas.

H.R. 8774 presents an opportunity to steer the military back on course and focus on its core mission, but with Biden at the helm, serious decision-making seems to be in short supply. As the left continues its crusade for so-called inclusivity, our nation’s defense capabilities hang in the balance. It’s time to put national security above political correctness and ensure that our military remains a formidable fighting force, not a playground for progressive virtue signaling.

Written by Staff Reports

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