Biden Denies Using Drugs for Debate Prep as Trump Stays Cool

The White House is seeing red as they dodge allegations that President Joe Biden might be juicing up on performance-enhancing drugs ahead of his much-anticipated debate with former President Donald Trump. In classic Biden fashion, his camp is crying foul, accusing Trump of tossing out desperate, off-the-wall lies. But when pressed on the matter, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre brushed it off, refusing to “dignify that with an answer” as she dodged questions while jetting to Georgia on Air Force One.

As Biden’s team hunkers down in Delaware and Camp David for last-minute debate prep, they try to downplay any concerns about his potentially enhanced performance. Notably, Jean-Pierre spent more time talking about Biden’s supposed fighting spirit than addressing the real elephant in the room: Will Biden rely on chemical assistance to keep up with Trump on stage? She insists that Biden’s debate prowess is plain to see, pointing to past State of the Union addresses where he tangled with so-called “extreme Republicans.” One must wonder if the American people are buying it or just watching the circus unfold. 


Meanwhile, Trump, confident and unbothered, has taken a much more relaxed approach to the upcoming verbal clash. Skipping the tedious debate drills, he’s engaging in high-level policy discussions with his trusted advisors, including some heavyweights from his potential VP shortlist. Unlike Biden, who is apparently cramming and rehearsing, Trump’s campaign seems to believe that genuine leadership doesn’t need a script or a secret boost.

The media continues to lap up the drama, pressing Jean-Pierre for details about the debate’s ground rules and Biden’s satisfaction with them. She deflects like a seasoned pro, redirecting attention to past performances that, apparently, should be proof enough of Biden’s unmatched skills. So far, that strategy hasn’t done much to quell the rumors of a pharmaceutical edge.

As the country waits with bated breath for the showdown in Atlanta, it’s hard not to imagine Biden’s camp crossing their fingers and hoping their man can keep it together. Should Trump blow past Biden effortlessly, expect the accusations to transform into a full-blown scandal. Until then, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Written by Staff Reports

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