Trump Vows to Unveil JFK Files, Targets CIA in Bold Claim

Here we go again, folks. Donald Trump is shaking up the establishment by daring to ask questions that the mainstream media won’t touch with a ten-foot pole. The former President thinks the CIA might have had a hand in keeping documents about JFK’s assassination tightly under wraps. If he’s feeling particularly bold, he might even believe the agency played a direct role in Kennedy’s untimely demise.

One thing’s for sure, Trump is vowing to release these classified files if he recaptures the Oval Office in 2024, making promises that are already causing some sweat in the deep state’s star chamber. He revealed this juicy tidbit on the “All-In Podcast” with hosts who dabble in everything from economics to poker, but let’s face it, Trump didn’t come to play games.

In his conversation with the hosts, Trump didn’t mince words. When questioned about his hesitance during his first term, Trump humorously brushed it off as an act of good faith towards his Cabinet members. They put the brakes on his initial enthusiasm by convincing him that it wasn’t the right time. Fast forward to now, their arguments hold as much water as a sieve. 


Even tech tycoon Chamath Palihapitiya, who backs Trump, pushed him to explain the about-face. What do Trump’s simplified explanations and Palihapitiya’s persistence reveal? It might just show that the man has learned a lot about trusting his own instincts over the so-called “great people” in his administration.

Trump isn’t shy about calling out potential culprits either. When pressed about whether he agrees with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s assertion that the CIA was involved in his uncle’s assassination, Trump didn’t blink. He noted that while the CIA didn’t specifically ask him to withhold the files, it wouldn’t surprise him if they were involved. Though the details are murky, one thing’s clear: Trump’s ready to pull back the curtain, and not just a little bit, but all the way.

If the government has nothing to hide, then why all the cloak-and-dagger? Trump’s transparency will let Americans decide for themselves. What’s hiding in those documents? The answer might expose how long the U.S. government has been playing a dangerous game behind closed doors.

For anyone on the fence about who to support in November 2024, this issue underscores why Trump is the obvious choice. Unlike President Joe Biden, who probably won’t touch those files with a ten-foot pole, Trump is committed to unmasking the truth. Get ready to watch the chips fall where they may.

Make no mistake: this is just another reason to rally behind Trump. The public deserves to know the skeletons hiding in the government’s closet, and Trump seems like the only one gutsy enough to spill the beans. So buckle up, because if Trump wins, the American people might finally get the full story.

Written by Staff Reports

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