Biden Doubles Down on 2024 Run Amidst Rising Trump Momentum

Amidst a whirlwind of doubt and media frenzy over the future of his presidency, President Joe Biden has made his stance clear. Despite recent stumbles and doubts raised from all corners, including a less-than-stellar debate performance, Biden seems resolute in his determination to stay the course.

It all started with a report from the New York Times, suggesting that Biden had confided in doubts about his campaign’s viability after a lackluster debate showing. According to an anonymous ally, Biden expressed concerns about the need to revitalize his campaign or face dire consequences.

The report set tongues wagging about Biden’s future in the race, prompting swift denials from the White House and Biden’s reelection team. White House spokesperson Andrew Bates slammed the New York Times for what he deemed as false reporting, asserting that Biden is not going anywhere.

In a bid to quash the speculation, Biden himself spoke up during a campaign call, vowing to stay in the race until the end and emerge victorious. Nevertheless, the waters remain turbulent as key Democrats express frustration over Biden’s outreach efforts and some party donors privately suggest he step aside. 


Despite Biden’s reassurances, the tide seems to be turning towards Trump post-debate. A recent CBS News poll shows Trump now leading Biden nationally, with a slight edge in battleground states. The survey also indicates a growing number of former Biden supporters questioning his candidacy, dampening their election enthusiasm and potentially swaying towards Trump or third-party candidates.

On the flip side, Republicans appear energized following the debate, with independents split but leaning slightly towards Trump. As the race heats up, it’s clear that Biden faces an uphill battle to maintain his footing against a resurgent Trump campaign.

Written by Staff Reports

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