Biden FAILS Again When Trying to INSULT Trump Supporters

During his speech at a rally in Maryland a week ago, Vice President Joe Biden unleashed a full-scale assault on those who identify as "MAGA Republicans."

He stated that what we are witnessing right now is either the beginning of an extreme MAGA worldview or the death knell for such a philosophy.

Biden told the group of Democratic donors who were gathered in a private home in Maryland that "it's not just Trump."

He asserts that the entire idea that supports the movement is "like semi-fascism," yet he does not provide any evidence to support this assertion.

Biden continued by asserting that MAGA Republicans are a threat to the personal rights of all Americans as well as the nation's economic security, and then he took it one step further by stating, "they are a threat to our democracy."

What's even more mind-boggling is that Biden has also been quoted as saying, "I don't respect these MAGA Republicans."

Earlier this year Biden triggered a movement when he labeled Trump supporters as "Ultra MAGA" and he called Trump "The Great MAGA King".

Many Republicans have embraced those two slogans much like they did in 2016 when Hillary Clinton called the "The Deplorables".

When will Biden and other liberals learn that these constant labels of Trump supporters only rally them further to defeat him in 2024?

One thing is for sure: Biden fears Trump and his supporters and is on a mission to ensure Trump doesn't run again or he will likely reclaim the White House!



Written by Staff Reports

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