During Her Visit, Sen. Blackburn Said That She Thinks “Taiwan Is A Country”

On Friday, Republican senator from Tennessee Marsha Blackburn reiterated her position that Taiwan is a country, telling reporters on the island that she considers it to be a sovereign nation in its own right. Blackburn is currently visiting Taiwan.

Thursday marked the beginning of Blackburn's travels to a number of Pacific Island nations, including his arrival in Taiwan. According to Axios, at a meeting with Taiwanese President Tsi Ing-wen on Friday, she referred to Taiwan as a "country," which generated headlines in the midst of heightened tensions with China.

On Friday, the senator from Tennessee participated in a press teleconference, during which she discussed her recent trip to Taiwan with the press. During the call, she was questioned about whether or not the "One China Policy" of the United States need to be modified to a "One Taiwan, One China Policy," and if such a change should be made.

“I feel like Taiwan is a country. If Taiwan was not a country, then why would China be talking about reunification?” Blackburn responded.

It would appear that Ms. Blackburn is taking a stand against the "One China Policy" that the United States has maintained for many years. The United States recognizes the People's Republic of China (PRC) as the sole nation that possesses the title "China" in accordance with its "One China" policy. In the meantime, the United States continues to keep up an informal relationship with the island nation of Taiwan, which is officially known as the Republic of China.

In general, the United States government maintains a neutral stance on the issue of military involvement in Taiwan; however, in May, Vice President Joe Biden hinted that he may be open to the idea of participating in such action should China launch an invasion.

As soon as the remarks was made public, administration officials and the president himself attempted to walk it back by claiming that "the policy has not changed at all," notwithstanding the president's remark.

Following in the footsteps of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's highly anticipated trip to Taiwan in the beginning of August, other officials from the United States have visited Taiwan in recent weeks. Pelosi's trip infuriated China, and as a result, China's military has been conducting live drills surrounding Taiwan in retaliation.

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