Biden Family Emails Exposed: Shady Family Business or Coincidence?

A reliable watchdog group called America First Legal made a big discovery on Tuesday. They found a large collection of emails that were sent back and forth between Vice President Biden's office and several companies connected to his family. I feel like I've found a gold chest hidden under my sibling's bed!

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) found over 29,000 emails, according to papers sent to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. That's more texts than a kid gets on their birthday, to give you an idea.

19,335 emails were sent to Rosemont Seneca, 4,243 emails were sent to Hunter Biden, 1,751 emails were sent to Jim Biden, and 3,738 emails were sent to Jim's Lion Hall Group. It's kind of like a family gathering going on in their email inboxes!

The public now has a rare look behind the curtain thanks to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made by AF Legal. It's kind of like finding your sibling's hidden diary and reading all of their secrets.

The Oversight Committee of the GOP couldn't help but say something on Twitter. They said that Joe Biden had promised that there would be a "absolute wall" between his job as a politician and the businesses his family runs. But these emails show something else. The Committee brought up the huge number of emails that Biden's VP office sent and received with his son Hunter, his brother Jim, and their so-called "businesses." They hit that send button more than 29,000 times!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. It looks like more proof of the Biden family's shady foreign business dealings is being found every day. The House GOP just released papers and emails that show even more cases of trying to influence people. It's like taking off the layers of an onion to find the bad part inside.

Chair James Comer (R-KY) didn't hold back. He brought up the fact that Chinese people had sent money to Hunter Biden through bank wires. A lot of people are surprised by how close the Biden family is to foreign companies. This is especially true after lawyers from Blue Star Strategies said that the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma had access to Vice President Biden's talking points for his trip to Ukraine. It's hard to put together, and the picture doesn't do you any justice!

Not even Yuriy Lutsenko, who used to be the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, has lied about Joe Biden. He says Biden used his power to protect the Ukrainian boss of his son. Every way you look at it, this family business is scandalous.

Even with everything going on, Joe Biden still found time to meet with Special Counsel Robert Hur. The White House tries to persuade us that these talks show Biden is helping with the investigation, but we don't believe them. It's like an artist trying to get our attention with one hand while doing some shady tricks with the other.

At the same time, the federal probe into how President Joe Biden handled secret documents seems to be moving very slowly. The investigation isn't moving as quickly as the ones into former Vice President Mike Pence and former President Donald Trump, which is strange. It's almost like there are two sets of rules.

Biden may say that he is "fully and completely cooperating" with the DOJ's investigation, but what he does will eventually be more important than what he says. We'll be keeping a close eye on things to see if justice is really done or if this is just another case of leaders looking out for themselves.

Written by Staff Reports

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