Biden Finally Breaks Silence on Israel Terror Attacks — Live!

President Joe Biden is set to address the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel in a live speech from the White House. This will be Biden’s second time speaking about the attacks, which began on Saturday. In a statement released on Monday, Biden expressed his condolences for the “heart-wrenching” conflict and announced that 11 Americans had been killed by Hamas terrorists. He also stated that there is a possibility that American citizens may be among those being held by Hamas.

It is reassuring to see the White House showing solidarity with Israel by lighting up in blue and white, the colors of the Israeli flag. The fact that Israel has declared war against Hamas, the first time since 1973, shows the severity of the attacks. This conflict has already taken a devastating toll, with at least 1,800 lives lost on both sides. It is crucial for the United States to stand by Israel and condemn these acts of terrorism.

President Biden’s speech will hopefully provide further clarity on the situation and outline a strong response to these attacks. The United States must take a firm stance against Hamas and ensure the safety of American citizens caught in the crossfire. Terrorist attacks like these remind us of the importance of strong leadership and a commitment to national security. It is imperative that we support our allies and work together to combat terrorism in all its forms.

Written by Staff Reports

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