Biden Family Secrets Exposed: Left Targets Bobulinski with Lies!

Let’s get one thing straight: the left can’t handle the truth when it comes to exposing the shady dealings of the Biden family. The latest target in their web of deceit is Rep. Dan Goldman from New York. This Democrat is spreading lies faster than a rumor at a gossip party, claiming that the Trump campaign is footing the bill for Tony Bobulinski’s legal team. Oh, please! The left’s desperation knows no bounds.

Bobulinski, a former Hunter Biden associate, has been brave enough to spill the beans on President Joe Biden’s questionable family business escapades. And what do the liberals do? They try to discredit him by linking him to President Trump. Talk about grasping at straws! But Tony ain’t having it. His legal team is out for blood, and they are not messing around with these baseless accusations.

Goldman took to the virtual town square, X, to spread his lies like confetti at a parade. But the Binnall Law Group wasn’t having any of it. They fired back with a legal letter that probably made Goldman’s knees shake. The letter made it crystal clear that Bobulinski is a man of integrity who hasn’t lied under oath, unlike some politicians we know *cough* Biden *cough*. And as for the claim that Trump’s campaign is bankrolling Bobulinski? Fake news alert!

But the left’s dirty tactics didn’t stop there. The same false accusation was parroted by Jessica Tarlov from “The Five” on Fox. Oh, Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. The Binnal Law Group came for her too, demanding a retraction faster than you can say “liberal propaganda.” Fox News had to set the record straight because, unlike the left, they believe in facts over fiction.

It’s clear that Bobulinski is the left’s worst nightmare. Ever since he started singing like a canary about the Biden family’s sketchy business deals, the left has been on a smear campaign. But Tony isn’t backing down. He’s standing tall against these attacks, and his legal team is ready to rumble. Let this be a lesson to the left: mess with the bull, and you’ll get the horns!

Written by Staff Reports

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