Biden Flees Medal Ceremony – White House Blames COVID!

In a strange turn of events, Joe Biden left early from a celebration for a Medal of Honor winner. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to explain the move by saying it was because of COVID-19 and they didn't want Biden to talk to as many people as possible. It seems like every time Biden does something strange, the White House comes up with a reason to hide the fact that he is getting old and forgetful. This time, they say it's because of COVID. What a good thing!

The ceremony was meant to celebrate Army Captain Larry L. Taylor, an 81-year-old Vietnam veteran, for how brave he had been. He was the leader of a light-fire team in a helicopter that saved a patrol team that was caught by the enemy. Biden left the room without saying anything right after the award was given to Taylor.

Jean-Pierre insisted that Biden left when there was a break in the show so that he wouldn't have to talk to people too much. She said that he wanted to have as little effect as possible on the people there. But she didn't explain why Biden wore a mask to the event but took it off in the middle and never put it back on again. It's just another example of how Biden's actions are always different and hard to understand.

Many people thought of the time Biden looked at his watch while getting the bodies of dead service members after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Wesley Hunt, a Republican from Texas, didn't hold back on his criticism, joking, "At least he didn't check his watch this time." Biden's strange behavior seems to be getting worse, and it's embarrassing for the whole country.

It's clear that the White House is trying hard to find reasons to explain Biden's actions. They can't always hide behind COVID. The people of the United States deserve a leader who is smart, clear, and steady. It doesn't look like that's the case with Joe Biden, though.

Written by Staff Reports

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