Biden’s Swift Exit: KJP’s Hilarious Spin on Medal of Honor Fiasco

President Joe Biden's sudden and unexplained exit from Tuesday's Medal of Honor ceremony made news, not because he gave the award to Army Captain Larry Taylor. It looks like the President doesn't have time to stay for the important parts of remembering our heroes. He would rather just show up for a few minutes and then fly off to do something. Liberals are always putting their own wants ahead of what the American people need.

Karine Jean-Pierre, who works for the White House, tried to explain the President's strange behavior, but it only made people even more suspicious. She said that Biden left during a break in the show so that he wouldn't have to talk to too many people. Well, if he was so worried about being exposed to COVID-19, why did he even take off his mask to give his speech? Why didn't he put it back on before he left so quickly? It doesn't make sense at all.

It's clear that Biden doesn't have his goals straight. He cares more about putting on a show and staying away from people than about honoring our war heroes and giving them the respect they deserve. This is just one more way that the Biden government is letting down the people of the United States. We need a leader who cares more about what the country needs than about their own safety.

Written by Staff Reports

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