Biden Flounders on Morning Joe, RNC Highlights Scripted Struggle

The Biden administration’s latest comedy hour unfolded on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where a seemingly brave but bewildered Joe Biden clung to his presidential hat. Critics couldn’t help but notice what resembled a high school student anxiously reading from pre-written cue cards. Listeners even reported hearing the distinct sound of papers shuffling—because nothing says “spontaneity” like a stack of notes.

The Republican National Committee didn’t miss a beat, capturing the moment in a now-viral video that left nothing to the imagination. Clearly, someone at the RNC has a flair for dramatic comedy, highlighting Biden’s supposed struggle to read his scripted lines. The subtle caption “Not a good look, Crooked Joe!” was the digital cherry on top of this scripted sundae.

When reporters circled back to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for some sanity, she insisted Biden’s heartfelt performance was pure and unscripted. Well, almost. Apparently, the President was reading quotes—not from a script, mind you, but from… a different kind of paper? It’s a bit like saying someone isn’t using a map but referencing a detailed drawing showing the exact route.

The situation became even more tangled when Jean-Pierre struggled to clarify the paradox. One would almost feel for her if it weren’t so hilariously typical of this administration. Amidst all the deflection, she vaguely admitted that parts of Biden’s MSNBC interview might have involved prepared papers. It looks like Joe’s handlers forgot to throw in a few improvisation classes on the Teleprompter 101 curriculum.

Adding fuel to this dumpster fire, it recently surfaced that not one but two radio hosts had accepted pre-written questions from Biden’s team before interviewing the President. One of these hosts, Andrea Lawful-Sanders, even took the noble route of resigning in the wake of Friendly Script-gate.

So, in conclusion, the White House’s attempt to prove Biden’s 2024 staying power might just be as scripted as their press responses—and far less entertaining.

Written by Staff Reports

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