Democrats Waver as Biden’s Debate Performance Boosts GOP Hopes

Joe Biden is getting a taste of his own medicine as his own party scrambles to abandon ship following a dismal performance in the recent presidential debate. Democrats are in a full-blown panic, fearing that if Biden hangs on till 2024, the GOP will waltz their way into controlling both the Senate and the House. Who could have predicted that the Democrats’ own captain would steer their ship straight into an iceberg?

With Republicans already favored to take the Senate, the Democrats thought they still had a fighting chance in the House. Yet, Biden’s unpopularity might just be the gift that keeps on giving for Republicans. The mere idea of Biden on the 2024 ticket is enough to make even the most die-hard Democrats sweat bullets. If the trend continues, it’s likely to flip the odds dramatically in favor of the GOP.

Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut has been inundated with messages about Biden’s age and fitness for office. Not a single message pleaded for Biden to stay put in the White House. This sentiment is widespread among Democrats, who are now contemplating their futures without the burden of Biden dragging them down. Even reliable blue voices are wary of openly backing him, particularly when polls show Donald Trump leading in multiple swing states.

Rep. Ro Khanna of California seems to be doing an Olympic-level balancing act. While he stressed the importance of strong leadership for down-ballot races—especially in swing districts—he still threw a reluctant bone of support Biden’s way as recently as late June. Khanna isn’t quite ready to throw the old man under the bus but isn’t exactly holding him up on his shoulders either.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee wasted no time in capitalizing on Biden’s debate disaster. They tied prominent Democrats like Rep. Elissa Slotkin and Senators Sherrod Brown, Jon Tester, and Tammy Baldwin directly to Biden’s blunders, making it clear that anyone supporting Biden is complicit in his failings. This strategy effectively turns Biden into the GOP’s best campaign advertisement, a move even seasoned Democrat strategists are finding hard to counter.

Even Jon Tester is calling for Biden to prove that he’s up to the task for another four-year term. Biden, clutching to his dwindling hopes of securing another term, has repeatedly insisted he remains in the race. However, his declarations on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and his impassioned letter are starting to feel more like desperate pleas than confident assertions. How long can Democrats hold out before they call for the curtain to close on Biden’s troubled tenure?

Written by Staff Reports

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