Biden Fumbles at WNBA Event, Harris Takes Charge Amidst Confusion

Joe Biden recently hosted the Las Vegas Aces at the White House, celebrating their win in the WNBA finals. While Kamala Harris joined him, it was obvious she was the one doing most of the talking. Biden’s familiar unsteady walk and lateness were on full display.

During the event, Biden mistakenly referred to Acting Secretary Julie Su as a basketball center, likely just another attempt to pander for votes. Kamala had to step in multiple times to assist Biden, who appeared confused and struggled to focus.

Despite the mishaps, Biden managed to fulfill his role at the event, standing on his designated mark for photo ops. The media also caught him off guard with a question about debating Trump, to which Biden cavalierly responded, “Set it up!” The Trump team is ready for a debate, but the Biden team remains silent on the matter.

Biden’s remarks about women’s sports at the event were overshadowed by his administration’s failure to protect women’s interests, exemplified by their mishandling of Title IX policies. This event, like many others, served as a mere facade of support for women, lacking substance in policy actions.

Biden’s performance at the event further emphasizes his lack of leadership and cognitive decline. His inability to handle debates or interviews poses a significant concern, raising doubts about his capability to effectively govern. The administration’s focus on optics rather than tangible results for the American people is a disservice to the nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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