Students Win $1 Million After False Racism Claims at California School

Two former students from a California high school got a $1 million settlement after being made to leave the school because of untrue claims of racism. The jury in Santa Clara gave them $500,000 each and also $700,000 to cover their tuition fees. This happened because the jury agreed with them about two of the five claims they made in court.

The two students, known in legal documents as HH and AH, sued Saint Francis High School in 2020 after being forced to leave because of pictures from 2017. They were accused of doing “blackface” and other racial acts. The pictures showed them at 14 years old with face masks for acne, which start black but turn green.

The boys’ lawyer said the school wanted to show them as racist, which hurt their lives badly. The boys won on the claims of not getting fair treatment and breaking a spoken agreement. They didn’t win on claims of bad behavior and harm to their reputation.

The students’ attorney, Krista Baughman, shared that their main aim was to clear the boys’ names. She mentioned that the jury believed the boys just used innocent face masks and were not being racist. The boys’ pictures resurfaced during the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, causing trouble for them. They had to choose to leave the school or be kicked out. This shows how unfair accusations can destroy lives.

Written by Staff Reports

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