Biden Fumbles Classified Docs – Family Business to Blame?

The House Oversight Committee, under the leadership of Chairman James Comer, is actively pursuing an inquiry into President Joe Biden and his family. In addition to allegations of bribery, the committee has expressed growing concerns regarding President Biden's handling of classified documents following his departure from office. Chairman Comer points to evidence indicating that President Biden retained classified materials at the Penn Biden Center, with current and former White House personnel being implicated in accessing these materials from 2021 through October 2022.

Chairman Comer is raising questions about the lack of transparency surrounding the White House's involvement in accessing these classified documents. He has formally requested specific documents and interviews from the White House and is now seeking information from Special Counsel Robert Hur's office to advance the investigation. The committee's primary objective is to determine if any of these documents relate to countries or individuals engaged in financial transactions with the Biden family, as this could potentially jeopardize national security.

Chairman Comer has requested unrestricted access to review the sought-after documents and information in a secure location, free from any redactions. The specific information he's seeking includes details about the terms and scope of Hur's interview with President Biden, a copy of the interview report and agents' notes, information about interviews involving Dana Remus, a comprehensive list of countries and individuals named in the documents recovered from the Penn Biden Center and President Biden's residence in Delaware, and all documents bearing classification markings retrieved from these locations.

Opinion: It is disconcerting that President Biden has not been forthcoming about his connection to these classified documents. If there is nothing to conceal, why not provide the requested information? The American people have a right to know whether their national security is at risk due to the financial dealings between the Biden family and foreign entities. This investigation is imperative to safeguard the integrity of our government and to hold those responsible accountable.

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