Biden Fumbles Middle East Crisis: Ignores Terror, Coddles Iran, Abandons Israel!

The Biden Administration can’t seem to stop tripping over its own shoelaces, especially when it comes to handling the Middle East crisis. As Islamist terrorists rain down rockets and mortar rounds on innocent Israeli civilians, the U.S. Office of Palestinian affairs had the audacity to tweet a message urging Israel not to respond. Seriously? Is this the best they can do?

Well, let’s talk about what’s really going on. Thousands of rockets and mortar rounds have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli cities, turning peaceful neighborhoods into war zones. But it doesn’t end there. These Islamist militants have gone even further, infiltrating Israeli cities and butchering innocent civilians, showing no regard for human life. It’s a horrifying scene straight out of a nightmare.

While Israeli soldiers and civilians are being abducted and paraded through Palestinian territory, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is left with no choice but to declare a state of war and mobilize tens of thousands of reservists. This is not a drill, folks. Lives are at stake, and the Biden Administration is nowhere to be found.

What’s even more outrageous is the now-deleted tweet from the U.S. Office of Palestinian affairs, urging Israel not to respond to the attacks. It’s as if they expect Israel to turn the other cheek while its people are being slaughtered. Newsflash, Biden: appeasement doesn’t work. This kind of weak-kneed response only emboldens terrorists and puts more innocent lives in danger.

And let’s not forget about the suspicious $6 billion in cash that the Biden Administration handed over to Iran. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Iran, with its deep pockets and support for terrorist groups like Hamas, had a hand in financing or planning these attacks. But hey, why would the Biden Administration bother to investigate? They’re too busy cozying up to Iran and turning a blind eye to their malicious activities.

It’s time for some tough love and strong leadership in the White House. President Biden needs to step up, condemn these terrorist attacks, and unequivocally support our ally, Israel. This is not a time for wishy-washy tweets and empty rhetoric. Lives are on the line, and it’s time for action. The world is watching, Mr. President, and your lackluster response is not making America look strong or reliable.

Written by Staff Reports

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