Biden Fumbles Over U.S. Casualties in Iran Attacks – A Red Flag?

In a less-than-impressive display of leadership, President Joe Biden stumbled and fumbled his way through a response to questions about recent attacks on U.S. forces in the Middle East. When asked about the injuries sustained by 24 U.S. service members, Biden’s response was so incomprehensible that he resorted to saying “well, anyway.” This is the man who is supposed to be leading our nation and protecting our brave military members?

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal has uncovered a shocking revelation about the Hamas terrorists who carried out an attack in Israel on October 7. According to the Journal, these terrorists received specialized combat training in none other than Iran! That’s right, the same Iran that has been a known sponsor of terrorism for decades. It is absolutely appalling that these Hamas fighters were able to gain this training, putting countless American lives at risk.

To make matters worse, we now learn that 10 Americans are still being held hostage by this same terrorist group in the Gaza Strip. Where is the strong leadership from our president? Where is the action to protect American lives and secure the release of our citizens? It is time for President Biden to step up and take decisive action against these terrorists and their enablers. Our country deserves better than empty words and stumbling responses.

Written by Staff Reports

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