Kennedy Grills Immigration Experts, Leaves Them Speechless!

In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana stumped top Biden administration officials with his line of questioning about the number of illegal border crossers in the country. The officials, including Cardell Morant, director of the Center for Countering Human Trafficking, were unable to provide a clear answer. Senator Kennedy estimated the number to be 8 million and asked how many of them were children, but again, no one had an answer.

The lack of information displayed by these officials is concerning. As a senior member of the Department of Homeland Security, Morant should have a better grasp on the situation. It is shocking that he couldn’t provide a basic figure for the number of non-American citizens entering the country illegally or claiming asylum. This lack of knowledge raises questions about our border security and immigration policies under President Biden.

It is clear that there is a crisis at the border, and the Biden administration seems to be clueless about the extent of the problem. The fact that none of the officials present at the hearing could answer Senator Kennedy’s questions speaks volumes about the lack of transparency and accountability in this administration.

The Biden administration must address this issue immediately and provide accurate information about the number of illegal border crossers and the status of their asylum claims. The American people deserve to have a clear understanding of the situation and the actions being taken to secure our borders. This kind of ignorance and evasion of responsibility is unacceptable. It’s time for the Biden administration to take concrete steps to address the border crisis and protect our country.

Written by Staff Reports

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