Biden Fumbles Ukraine: Putin Gains Upper Hand!

In the summer of 2022, there was hope that Ukraine could finally put Russia in its place. The Russian military offensive had crumbled, and Ukraine was on the offensive, pushing the Russians back. But fast forward a year and a half, and the tables have turned. Ukraine is now losing the war, and things are looking pretty grim.

Back in January 2023, it was clear to anyone with half a brain that the Biden administration missed a golden opportunity. They should have seized the moment when Ukraine turned the tide and reached a settlement to end the conflict. But instead, they got caught up in a foolish fantasy that Ukraine could single-handedly take down Russia. 

Now, as John Schindler aptly points out, it’s a simple math problem. Russia has more men and resources, and the West’s support is waning. The belief that Ukraine could defeat Russia has faded into thin air, and no one has a clue what to do next. 

And let’s not forget about Vladimir Putin, the all-powerful Russian president who is rubbing salt in the wound. In his interview with Tucker Carlson, he casually mentioned negotiation as if it were his personal plaything. You see, Putin holds the upper hand because he has leverage. When Ukraine was winning, they had the leverage. 

The West is too busy with its own mess. We’ve got a brewing conflict between Israel and Iran, and the threat of war with China growing by the day. With a losing Ukraine, the only thing that might stop Russia from taking over completely is a change in leadership, as Schindler explains.

Finally, after Christmas in 2023, the Biden administration wakes up and smells the coffee. They’re admitting that they need to find a negotiated settlement rather than desperately hoping for a victory. 

Now, the big question is, where does Biden think he’ll find any leverage over Russia? More pathetic sanctions that did absolutely nothing before? Putin doesn’t care about Biden or his merry band of Obama lackeys. They’ve been played by Putin at every turn, from the Crimea invasion to the full-on Ukraine war. They haven’t been able to deter Russia militarily, and Putin knows it.

It’s downright evil to ask a small country like Ukraine to keep sacrificing its people and resources with no clear plan in sight. We’re essentially asking them to die while the White House tries to figure out what their new “negotiated settlement” belief means. 

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the gridlock in Congress adds fuel to the fire. Biden wants to provide more support to Ukraine, but without a clear roadmap to end the conflict, it’s a pointless endeavor. Ukraine didn’t ask for this war, and they deserve better than what they’re getting. 

Without a clear leader at the helm, it’s no wonder America is floundering. Biden may make some empty gestures, like ordering attacks in the Red Sea, but there’s no strategy, no plan to bring about an end to these conflicts. It’s all talk and no action.


Written by Staff Reports

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