Biden’s Delayed Ohio Visit: Too Little Too Late?

Well, well, well, folks, it looks like President Biden’s train of neglect is finally chugging into East Palestine, Ohio, a whole year after a massive train derailment that caused a toxic fire and forced the temporary evacuation of the town. It’s about time, but hey, better late than never, right? The President’s been dilly-dallying, making excuses like “We’re working with community leaders” and “We’re still figuring out the exact time and day to go in February.” Just admit it, Mr. President, you dropped the ball on this one!

Meanwhile, Norfolk Southern, the company responsible for the derailment, is staring down a hefty $1.1 billion bill, and they’ve had to slim down their workforce to foot the environmental and legal costs. But despite this debacle, the other freight railroads are doing just fine, thank you very much. In fact, they’re raking in the dough while poor Norfolk Southern is taking a slight hit in their stock price. But don’t worry, they’ll bounce back. They always do.

And let’s talk about this Railway Safety Act of 2023. The Democrats are pushing it hard, but the Republicans are pushing back. They see right through the guise of “safety” and know it’s just a ploy to butter up the railroad unions. I mean, come on, the crew size had nothing to do with the East Palestine disaster, yet this bill would lock in a two-man crew requirement. It’s just a power play for Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who’s been lobbying for its passage. Nice try, Pete, but we’re onto you!

The railroads have had enough of the Biden administration’s shenanigans. They’re calling out the Transportation Secretary for misrepresenting the industry’s safety record and trying to push unnecessary regulations. And you know what? They’re not wrong. The stats show that most derailments are like fender benders in rail yards, not these catastrophic disasters like the one in East Palestine. So, why all the fuss, Buttigieg?

In the midst of all this drama, it’s crystal clear that the Biden administration and the railroads are on a collision course. But the railroads aren’t taking this lying down. They’re preparing to take legal action if needed, and they’ve got a strong case. The regulatory overreach by the Biden appointees is raising eyebrows and could land them in hot water with the courts. It’s about time someone put a check on these unelected bureaucrats and their power trips!

So, as the train of conflict barrels down the tracks, it’s anyone’s guess how this showdown will unfold. Will the railroads stand their ground and fight back? Will the Biden administration continue to overstep its bounds? Only time will tell, folks. But one thing’s for sure, this political train wreck is far from over.

Written by Staff Reports

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