Biden HUMILIATED By Foreign President On Immigration Issue

We can now add one more significant name to the list after other foreign leaders have criticised the Biden administration in recent weeks for its disastrous border policy.

Over 2.3 million illegal immigrants have entered the country so far this year alone, and the border is in utter disarray. However, previous presidents are willing to come up and speak the truth while Kamala Harris continues to mislead the American people about the existence of a problem.

Writes Daily Caller. In an exclusive interview from his presidential palace with the Daily Caller News Foundation, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei claimed that the Biden administration had failed to give Guatemala the resources it needed to return illegal immigrants who were headed for the US.

Giammattei informed the DCNF that he had asked the Biden administration to send its deportation buses and planes to Guatemala so that nation might use them to send back illegal immigrants to their native nations before they enter the United States. He claimed it would allow migrants from far-off regions to return home swiftly and spare the Biden administration the significant costs associated with such massive migratory waves. At the moment, Guatemala sends illegal immigrants from outside of Central America to Honduras. They informed the DCNF that a number of illegal immigrants from Afghanistan who had been sent away to Honduras had crossed back into Guatemala and quickly arrived in Mexico.

The aid proposal was rejected by the Biden administration.

Additionally, President Giammattei criticised Kamala Harris throughout the conversation. Watch.

While KJP avoids questioning, Biden continues to fail to take responsibility for the issue by providing funding to stop the influx of illegal immigration.

city council reports. Customs and Border Protection released data on the number of Border Patrol encounters for September last Friday, which revealed a record amount of 227,000 encounters with illegal immigrants. With that startling figure, the annual total now exceeds 2.3 MILLION illegal immigrants entering the country only this year. On Monday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre conducted a briefing where she responded to inquiries on these figures. She couldn't give a good response, as usual.


It is sad and sickening that it takes world leaders to expose America's problems, but Biden's press secretary won't provide an honest response. While Kamala Harris continues to tell the American people there is no crisis, KJP refuses to respond to inquiries. However, the facts are plain. The border issue is actual and gets worse by the day. The Biden administration is doing little to stem the flood of fentanyl, criminality, and drugs that are crossing the border. It's time to hold them responsible for their mistakes. Biden must be removed from office in order to address the terrifying border issue.

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