REPORT: Big Tech to BAN Twitter if Musk Allows Free Speech

After doing it to Gab and Parlor, what makes you think that Big Tech won’t do the same thing to Twitter?

According to a report by NextNewsNetwork, they’re already in the process of doing it. They’ll reportedly remove the Twitter App from Apple and Play Stores as well as Amazon AWS.

The left’s growing clamor to overturn our God-given right to free speech is louder and lower by the day, and they use terms such as misinformation and hate speech to justify their actions.

Because in a globalist world order, only one voice can be allowed to reign supreme, and that’s the one that approves of talking points.

A Google Lobbyist reportedly told NextNewsNetwork that following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the app would be removed from the Play Store. This was the perfect time for them to do this, as the mid-term elections are just around the corner.

After successfully deplatforming Gab and Parler, Big Tech is reportedly planning on killing Twitter as well. Similar to how they did with Parler, they’ll reportedly remove it as well.

Shaun King, an activist, claimed that Google and Apple had already promised to remove Twitter if it failed to remove hate speech.

If Twitter were to disappear, what would the landscape of apps look like?

For starters, it would still exist on all the mobile devices that it’s currently installed on. However, it would most likely be unusable until a software update is released, and then it would cease to exist once Amazon removes it from their services.

This would be super controverisal as millions of people would likely react to Twitter’s demise by crying out. Liberal activists would then celebrate its demise as a step towards preserving democracy.

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